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Dalton's Greater Works and Chick-Fil-A are teaming up! 

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Brookwood School's Food Drive!

What a wonderful way to start off March! Our community was blessed by the efforts of the kids from Brookwood School in Dalton when they organized a food drive to benefit our food pantry! The kids, encouraged by their teachers Mrs. Stacy, Mrs. Flowers, Mrs. Hernandez, and Mrs. Carpenter set about collecting all kinds of food items over the month of February. We are encouraged by the kids who participated and are grateful for the teachers and staff at Brookwood for their efforts! We promise to be sure that these goods are provided to those in need. What a wonderful life lesson for all of us. And just like these kids, please remember that we have people and families in need all year round, not just during the holidays. So when you can, please take a page from the Brookwood student book and donate some food, clothing, money or even time (volunteering)! Dalton's Greater Works thanks you!

Mercy's Door V-Day Dinner for Girls

Dalton’s Greater Works had the honor of hosting a Valentine’s Day Dinner for the girls of Mercy’s Door of Dalton, GA.  They are a ministry that serves older children in foster care.  They have separate homes for the boys and the girls to meet each need.  Every year, DGW tries to help the young girls feel beautiful and worthy through treating them to a homemade meal, top-notch desserts and a gift for Valentine’s Day.  Every year, kids “age out” of the foster care system with no clear direction.  It’s ministries like Mercy’s Door that helps guide them after they come of age.  Visit them at Mercy's Door V-Day Dinner

Annual Christmas Candlight Dinner

Just like with Thanksgiving and the Toy Drive, Dalton’s Greater Works hosted our yearly candlelight dinner for Christmas, which included Christmas carols, a meal and general merriment.  Following the narration of the birth of Jesus Christ, we shared in fellowship and singing.  With the colder weather, we also seek to provide material warmth to those living on the streets in addition to hot meals.  Whenever we are able, we bring people in from outside.  Don’t forget those in need, even after the holidays.  We still have a long road ahead.  Christmas Candlelight Dinner


The homeless in Dalton vary from people who deal with illiteracy or addiction to people who have doctorates and have been successful business professionals. The economic downturn has severely impacted this area.



Standard Hours of Operation:
Day Center: Monday thru Thursday 10am – 2pm; Clothing & Food Pantry: Sunday 7:30am to 9am and Tuesday 4:30pm – 6pm; Donation Intake Saturdays 9am – Noon (please call ahead)Or by appointment (please call).

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